Friday, June 22, 2012

Neopets (re-)Noobed

I've recently re-started playing neopets, I decided to start from scratch. The sole reason for me to start playing this game again is for my best friend. Her account is 43 weeks old, I had shown her my 8yr accounts.  Although it's been quite some time that I've been out of "the game" (made you lose), so why not start a new account.

Mairla's been going through some hard times, so I was wondering how to cheer her up. After work I had gotten her an ice cap from Timmies, but "what could I do on neopets?" I asked myself. Then it came to me "JELLIES!" Mairla hasn't started a gallery because she's waiting to collect enough jelly to make a rainbow. So I thought I'd send some her way.

 While I'm waiting for the wheel of Monotony to stop (currently been 2hrs and 1/2) I'm going to make myself a hot cup of genmaicha tea, I actually named my neopet after the tea. I'll probably make my son a swampwater tea. I've got to admit my opinion of neopets have changed but I'll keep that for another blog.

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