Sunday, June 10, 2012

Killer heat? Let's drink tea.

Hey guys,
right now my little town in northern Ontario is having a heat wave. I was going to review an awesome manga I finished reading a few days ago called High School Debut you should take the time to read it. In all honesty the heat is brutally dry, so I figured how about I write about a good tea to drink to cool you down.

Swampwater (Davidstea)
Pineapple juice

The drink is a green murky colour, the smell is a little strong, but the drink is quite refreshing. So my family and I all sit down for a cool drink and quench our thirst. I'm not writing measurements, because it's good to experiment.  I hope you guys try this Swampwater Ice Tea too, if you guys have any other cool ideas to beat the heat just post it on my blog.

Cool down your summer with a tea, my Poofs.

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