Monday, June 18, 2012

A wasted night mining!

Considering I don't work till 4:30 tomorrow evening I figured why not stay up late, but a last minute decision done by my best friend has caused a little detour. Instead of sleeping in, she and I will wake up early to go out of town and go shopping not that I'm complaining, come back before 4:00, therefor still leaving me some time before work. As I've stated before I was not sure what to do tonight, I'll show you what it turned to. 

A cup of Blueberry Jam tea from Davidstea a gift from my best friend who gave me 50g's worth. A lemon wedge adds the perfect balance of flavour, which means no sugar required for this black tea. I haven't tried to chill this tea, so I'm not sure which one I'd prefer. 

For a good 4 hours strait I've been playing minecraft, I destroyed a skeleton monster spawner, received two saddles and a few more goodies. I dug this pit to your right, it's in an up view, dug by shovel and pickax, no tnt, and it wasn't previously a dungeon or a cave. Minecraft can both be the most fun game, and most terrifying game at times, I know it's hard to believe but even blocks can be scary. 

Tuesdays are usually my days off that's why I'm staying up late, the only problem now is the fact that one of my co-workers quit so I have to add a few shifts to my schedule. Which just means more money to spend, or save?

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