Monday, July 2, 2012


Organized my son's toy 

My first day off tomorrow in two weeks, late shifts till 11pm  then going back to work at 11am. I've got to admit I'm not in the "cheeriest" of moods, just plain exhausted. And so let it be told,  that games began. I start my night by organizing my lil man's toys and cleaning the house a little bit. 
As you can imagine he's a huge spongebob fan.

Drink of the night

My choice of late night beverage tonight is none other then good ol' hot chocolate. But I have to be specific President Choice Extra rich with Marshmallow. I am not a hot chocolate lover, so the fact that I actually give praise for this brand is big. Having one hot mug, while bundled up in blankets will give you all the joy and comfort you need for a good nights rest.

Cromartie High School
CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL! Is today anime choice, the nutty delinquent high school where a hearty bunch of mixed characters star in, is nothing short of funny. With a grand total of 26 episode 11 minutes long each, Cromartie High School is often full of nonsense and often have no point in the end. The cast consist of an Ape, Freddie Mercury, Mechazawa (a robot) and many more. All I have to say is if you need a good background anime this is your one stop. 


Minecraft hunting, I was actually exploring a cave and killing skeletons have I mentioned how much I hate skeletons. Anywho I came upon a slime, I took a screen cap of it. Although it's not a good one, I'm still a happy little girl.

My figures :(

Little tidbit to my little Poofs don't be too rash closing doors, you might knock your models and figures. 

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